Middle East Productions
From a one person crew to a full scale operation, Middle East Productions can fulfil your production needs across the Middle East.


We offer production, pre-production and post-production services across the Middle East: From a one person crew to a full scale operation, we can secure difficult access or find exclusive guests, deliver material or provide you with a finished package.

​Our passion for storytelling and experience in development means we can also work with you on developing stories or productions that are based in the region, bringing creative and new angles and in-depth knowledge.

With a foot in London, a base in Beirut, and a network across the Middle East our comprehensive experience means we can provide you with a smooth service and fulfil your specific needs.


► Production


We have very talented crew who can work on projects of different genres, whether it’s news, current affairs or commercial projects.


If you want your crew to be joined by a local producer we are happy to provide knowledgeable, bilingual, producers who can ensure your shoot is a smooth process and problem solve on the spot.


Our brilliant fixers know their patches intimately and speak a multitude of languages.


If you need a live with the latest news update we have reporters ready.

Guests and Experts

We have well informed experts for in-depth analysis on the bigger picture.


If all you need is a translator, we have a number of translators, many of whom are tri-lingual.


Security is paramount. We can make sure that all your security needs are met during your production. ​


We can scout locations and arrange locations for shoots, ensuring permissions are prepared.


If you have your own crew but need to rent equipment on location, we can help with this.

► Pre-Production


With a wealth of knowledge and a plethora of contacts we can offer in-depth research into subjects across the Middle East.


Using our knowledge we can develop treatments for your show with characters and experts on topics from the arts to politics, culture and the environment.

► Post Production


Our editors are versatile and work on different genres and different formats. We can arrange access to fully equipped edit suites with or without an editor.


We are more than happy to talk through your specific needs, so please call Imogen on +44 782 444 5277, email [email protected], or simply fill in the form below.